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Were based in the North-East of England and we have substantial roots in the area, we have been providing removal and storage services in the region as a family business for a very long time. Naturally most of our work is focussed in these areas as costs increase the further we travel for work, however our moves often involve people relocating into the wonderful North-East and sometimes even moving out of the area (we know, crazy right?).

We are very flexible in our approach and can accommodate most scenarios so please give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements, however challenging. We also have a network of partners around the UK and beyond which can be called upon for specialist requirements should the need arise, so really, no job is too big. Of course we would prefer if you chose Turton's as your moving partner but whatever you decide we hope these resources can be useful to you, and of course we wish you the best of luck.

About the North-East

Just incase you aren't lucky enough to hail from this part of the world (hey, nobody's perfect) we thought we'd share just a little bit of insight to what it's really like in the frozen North. From castles to culture, rugged coast and rocky fells, Vikings to the Romans, we have it all!

The North East has a lot to offer, stunning countryside, sandy beaches, vibrant cities and heaps of history, heritage and culture. A strong industrial heritage is evident throughout the area and the people are fiercly proud of the area's contribution to industrial history, hardly surprising really when you look at some of the innovations it has been responsible for over the years. I mean where would the world be without railways, light bulbs, hydrauilics and of course windscreen wipers :) not to mention the coal that powered the industrial revolution.

Moving to the North-East

Moving home for whatever reason is an emotional time for all concerned; there's the finding a new home, decisions about timing the move and all the associated things that need doing. Then there is the actual move, packing everything up and moving it sometimes hundreds of miles across the country. We get that; that's why we're creating a series of information-packed articles to help you. In these pages we will focus on moving to the North-East from another area to hopefully give you a head start when doing your research.

You’ll of course benefit from all of the culture and heritage offered by the area, but it’s the day to day living that you probably really want to know about. So here goes...

Transport links

The region has excellent road and rail links. As well as a number of local rail services the region is served by the East Coast Mainline operating between London and Edinburgh operated by LNER and Grand Central providing a solid service to the capitals from the region for those wishing to commute. Within the Tyne & Wear area the popular local Metro service offers high-frequency underground and overground rail services for commuters to the region's cities as well as Newcastle Airport. More information on the region's transport links can be found here provided by Transport North East.


The North East is a very large and diverse region and the school system is devided into and managed by 12 Local Education Authorities (LEA), who are responsible for overseeing the schools within their authority area. Lists are available for each LEA here and you can sort them further by primary, secondary, independent and other. If you wish to know more about a particular area within the region follow the links below to read more specific details about where you are planning to live.


The North-East falls under the overall control of the North East and Yorkshire NHS team. There are several healthcare trusts and a number of regional hospitals within the area. The area is served by several large hospitals with A&E facilities, of course, but take a look at your chosen area for a more detailed view of hospital provision. Alongside it's NHS emergency care provision the region also benefits from being served by the Great North Air Ambulance Service, an amazing charity organisation that provides emergency care and patient transport facilities throughout the North East.

The North East sports in the region of 350 doctor's surgeries but because there are a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) that manage the region's healthcare provision there is no single definitive list of GP surgeries in North-East England. However, you can use the NHS Service Search resource to search for services such as GP surgeries, dental care and many more at your chosen location.

Crime statistics

As much as we'd like to think of the North East is the perfect idilic setting sadly there should always be a consideration when moving about the safety of an area. Something that is especially useful for an area you don't know well and particularly when you are undecided between two or more locations is the area's crime statistics. The most recent crime figures issued by the Office for National Statistics (the ONS) show the North East region to have the lowest number of crimes recorded and crucially the lowest number of violent crimes in England and Wales. The Police UK website also has a useful interactive tool to find out about crimes committed in different areas, you can find this here or you can read the full ONS report here.

Removals in the North East

If you're considering a move to or around the North East then it's worth using a local removals company who knows the area. Of course we would love you to choose Turton's as your removals partner but there are a number of removal companies in the area for you to consider, just be sure to get quotes from any company you look at and check any recent reviews to be sure it's the right fit for your move, we also have a number of articles and posts on choosing a mover and planning for your move to get you started in your search. Whoever you choose for your move we would like to wish you the best of luck.

Further reading

The North-East region covers a large area from the moorland of North Yorkshire to the rolling Northumberland hills that reach up to the Scotish border and West until it reaches Cumbria. It simply wouldn't be possible to do the area justice in a single page so see the below articles for a more detailed insight into your chosen area. As always we are here to help if you need any advice or guidance and our friendly team will be more than happy to signpost you during your quotation or your move, just drop us a line for more information.