Storage service

Moving home is a complicated process which rarely goes exactly as planned, this is why having the ability to store your items should something go wrong is so important. Storing your items with Turton's removal & storage can remove the burdon of the purchase chain and simplify the moving experience significantly.

In our experience the majority of stressfull and expensive issues found during a move are down to having a chain of events involving multiple parties complete at the same time, like most things in life things often go wrong when they are so complicated. With a storage solution your purchase simply does not have to be tied to your sale meaning much happier faces all around. Store your items with Turton's removal & storage, your local removal company.

We provide large, secure storage crates to house your belongings in our warehouse and you pay for how long the boxes are in use, simple. Give us a call or get in touch via the form on our contact page for more details.

What can be stored?

Just about anything you are moving home to home can be stored at our facility although for safety reasons we must have some exceptions to this, for instance chemicals and explosives wouldn't be a good idea to store. Mostly the exclusions are common sense but when we supply your quotation we will send a fact sheet for reference detailing exclusions. If you have any questions or specific concerns feel free to give us a call to discuss.

How big are the crates?

Pretty big! We generally pack into our standard large storage crates which are suitable for most furniture and packed items, perfect for most loads from your home. Depending on the volume of your move you may need a number of storage crates but keeping to standard sizes where possible allows us to be more efficient in our warehouse as well as keeping costs down for our customers. We are fully aware that not everything in life can be as efficient as this so, of course, we can accommodate more bulky or awkward items seperately. Like most of our services it's best to get in touch to arrange a survey so we can provide you with a detailed quotation for your storage.

How long can I store my items for?

Storage can be made available for as long as you need, however, we provision storage space monthly so in most cases there will be a minimum charge of one month. If you plan to store items for an extended period then please let us know as early as you can so we can arrange to keep the space free for you, our storage service is very popular and booking storage in advance is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Are my items secure?

All of your items will be stored in secure crates within our own storage facility benefitting from 24hr CCTV and strictly controlled access means your belongings are kept safe from harm. If you have specific items of concern give us a call to discuss storage options, we can provide a range of high security options to suit your needs including anti-tamper measures or even dedicated vault strongrooms and secure transport if required. We also offer a range of insurance products for an added peace of mind so it couldn't be easier.